Our Planet and the Universe around us

Hello to you all:

Do you love to talk to people, travel, care about animals, a green planet, and look into the sky wondering, if and when we will have visitors from outer space?  Omg: Aliens?

Just a bit  information  about this little old lady  one could call a “recycled teenager” a lot of times.  Born in Germany, lived in Great Britain, the US of A, Japan, and, last but not least, 18 years on the southern African continent,  i. e. Swaziland and South Africa.  And I mean not just traveling, but working to support my daughter and myself.   What a life it has been.   Now, I am back in the US since 1994.  But to be honest, I sorely miss Africa, especially since I became an addicted game driver, even though, once we were chased by an elephant and almost pushed down a ravine.  A lot of enjoyable memories but also some not so good ones..  I left the African continent as a “physically challenged” person due to a major car accident – a drunken driver, what else!  Still wouldn’t want to miss it.   A lot of funny incidents and memories keep me smiling.

But that’s enough about me.   Tell me and others a little about yourself and those occasions that you find memorable and, perhaps even educational.

So, please, let me hear from you and chat about the things that interest you and would like to share with others.  You might have some good advise how to improve or deal with the website.  I am new at this and still learning a lot.   Perhaps even with tongue in cheek.

Talk to you soon, I hope!

Love to all, hellsbells or dingdong – whichever you prefer to call me. 🙂